Izipizi Sun Glasses

Izipizi Low Light Glasses Speed - Pale Pink (Large)


SPEED - Low Light : The sun emits visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. The most harmful invisible rays are ultraviolet rays (UV) and are dangerous even on cloudy days: clouds absorb only 10% of them.

Sunglasses cat. 1, VLT 49%

SPEED will protect your eyes in low light or fog with its 100% UV category 1 vermilion lens specially designed to increase contrast and improve colour perception on white days. SPEEDs are also available with grey and brown lenses for sunnier days.

Wraparound lens
SPEED's wrap-around frame provides protection from wind generated speed and also from branches that may be in your way.

Wide Field of Vision
The wrap-around frame provides a wide field of vision and enhanced peripheral vision to ensure optimal reflexes and improve your sports performance.

Bio-sourced material
SPEED's frame is made of 45% organic sourced polyamide with castor oil.
Size: Large Head Circumference from 56 to 62 cm

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