Hikerdelic Plaid Corduroy Pants - Navy

£75 £100

The Hikerdelic Corduroy Trousers in plaid are a return to the comfortable yet cool, climbing-style trousers we first did a few years back in navy ripstop. With an updated and more studied fit, these are an absolute must for your autumnal stroll, your thanksgiving dinner, your Halloween drink-up or your Christmas dinner. Basically, they're perfect for the two seasons in which they're available. 

Plaid cord might not be the most sporty fabric, but that's the whole point. They've taken a trouser designed for free movement, comfort and regular use and applied a more luxurious feel to it via corduroy. 

Size wise, roughly a size large is a 34" waist and the rest correspond with this, both up and down. 

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