TSPTR California Crew Sweat - Grey Heather

£60 £80

Premium weight slub cotton sweatshirt printed with water based ink.

Have you ever been south of Monterey? Barrancas carve the coast line and the chaparral flows to the sea, 'neath waves of golden sunshine
And have you ever been north of Morro Bay, the south coast plows the sea
And the people there are of the breed, they don't need electricity
Water, water, cool cascades of clear, clear water, the sun dance final scene sets the hills ablaze. Horizon edges quick up the mountain's way.

Have you ever been down Salinas way? Where Steinbeck found the valley
And he wrote about it the way it was in his travelin's with Charley and have you ever walked down through the sycamores, where the farmhouse used to be. There the Monarch's autumn journey ends on a windswept cyprus tree

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