TSPTR Joe Motocross - White

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White premium weight slub cotton tee with design printed in water based ink.

While Charles Schulz only witnessed a handful of his son's motocross races, he was relayed numerous stories and anecdotes to him to the point where Schulz understood what California's newest craze was really all about – you will certainly lose many more times than you’ll win, you’ll come home battered, your bike will break down and that there is no better feeling in the world than those moments you’re airborne for a few seconds or blasting through the pack to take the lead. It was in February 1975 that motocross would be introduced to more people in 15 seconds than during all of the time it had taken to bring the sport to the US. Snoopy in his Joe Motocross guise first appeared in a week long newspaper strip where all of the trials and tribulations of motocross were laid out in twenty panels – broken chains, vertical hill climbs, bent brake pedals, snapped shock rods, blown engines, bloodied noses and bruised elbows – all in pursuit of that first place trophy.

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