SUCKUK Handy Sticky Notes

Hand shaped sticky notes you can make point, give thumbs up, and even a couple we can't mention.

We could have just continued to make square sticky notes, the way people always have – because that's what sells. But we decided it was time to take a risk, and to take a stand at the same time, and come up with something revolutionary. Granted it's not a risk taking, stand taking, revolution on the scale of Martin Luther King, but it's all relative. We stood (still) against stationary, and risked ruining a perfectly designed classic in the name of innovation. The result? Hand Sticky Notes. All the surface area of a sticky note, with the added flourish of being able to shape your memorandum into helpful hand signals. Need to remind some students that the tin of beans in the halls fridge is yours? Fold the hand into a pointing gesture before adding your passive-aggressive warning. Got to get your mum to call you when she gets home? A well folded 'call me' hand gesture with your number on should do the trick. The possibilities are endless. Well, the possibilities fall within set parameters, but when did that ever work as a tagline?

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