Decka Socks

Decka Cased heavy weight plain socks - Red


The Cased Heavyweight Socks by Decka Quality Socks are a high cut tube sock, made from a high quality, heavyweight cotton. Made in Japan and are a fully unisex style, coming in mens and womens size and are packaged in a premium container.

They were knitted with an old-fashioned machine using about 5 pairs of threads for general rib socks.It is not only very durable, but it is also comfortable to wear with less tightening that you cannot feel from the outside.

A fresh colour of these socks with deca quality socks that are easy to match with boots, sneakers and sandals.

  • Material Composition: 95% Cotton / 4% Polyester / 1% Spandex
  • Made in Japan
  • One Size fits most - Men's UK7 - UK10 25.0-28.0cm
  • The product packaging makes these socks the perfect gift

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