Coming Soon.. Lacoste Live

We are very excited to be working with Lacoste Live from Winter 2018.. But what is Lacoste Live you might ask? If you are not sure, we through we might try and explain..

Lacoste main line

Back in 1927  Rene Lacoste developed what we know as the polo shirt for sporting activities. Lacoste is a well-known and popular French lifestyle brand being famed for its signature polo shirt which is constantly developing into new styles and colours to keep up with the fast pace of modern day society. Lacoste offers sportswear and a range of fashionable clothing lines for the wearer. This brotherhood of the brand developed when Lacoste recognised a need to introduce a heavier dose of youth and innovation in order to appeal to their more vibrant and energetic audience.

Lacoste LIVE

Lacoste Live is a newer collection from Lacoste, a ‘label within a label’ as some might say. The LIVE range can be seen as the more contemporary, younger sibling of the Lacoste brand inspired by the street style. Taking classic pieces and shaking them up; adding in splashes of street style, a new infusion of colour, a pinch of attitude and a fresh new mind-set.

Lacoste is renowned for being: Classic, Stylish, Refined and Contemporary.


Lacoste LIVE is: Younger, More Vibrant, Energetic and Giving a twist to the classics.


And from the huge success Lacoste Live has had from teaming up with ledgenary NYC's Supreme over the past two years, we are looking forward to stocking the brand.

Here's a look at a few styles from their Summer'18 collection, we will have similar styles for Winter'18